1968 Fastback - Trunk
Once the armor plate and filler neck cover were bolted into place in the trunk, work continued with installing the layers of sound and heat insulation, carpet padding, and carpet.
After self-adhesive sound insulation was installed on the inner fenders, a heavy pad was placed over the armor plate, two trunk filler boards were made and attached with industrial Velcro, and the negative battery cable was brought up from underneath the floor.
The next steps were to bolt the battery box platform to the floor, after threading the negative battery cable through it, and to install several sections of high-density foam around the armor plating  to level the floor from fender to fender.
After making a pattern for the entire trunk floor, a layer of heat insulation, Reflectix, was installed.  The layer was placed over the posts for the battery holddown, which also will serve to attach the battery box to the platform.
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