1968 Fastback - Modified Hood
After almost 300 hours of work, the modified 1967 Shelby hood was ready to be installed.  The modifications made involved filling, sanding, and smoothing all the rough fiberglass areas and blending and smoothing the edges.  Not to mention the tedious job of cutting out the windsplit and 20 louvers and smoothing those, too!
The hood's in place, at least for a little while.  Once the locations of the stripes are marked so they match with those on the firewall, the hood will be removed and painted.  That's why so much time was spent smoothing the underside--the gold modified LeMans stripes will be painted both under and on top of the hood.
The car is starting to come together!  It only took a couple of hours of adjusting time, but the fiberglass hood fits great!  The hood hinges are painted Sapphire Blue, to match the engine bay walls and chrome hinge bolts will be used when the hood goes back on.
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