1968 Fastback - Engine
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June 2000, the engine bay has been prepped and the first primer coat put on
August 2000, the Sapphire Blue base coat has been painted in the engine bay
November 2000, modified Hertz Gold LeMans stripes were added to the firewall
November 2000, not much clearance under the Shelby Cobra T-shaped oil pan
Not much room left and the Hooker headers still had to be put on!
May 1999, after three years spent sitting in the dirt, the 390 is ready to be rebuilt
July 1999, the engine shop has worked its magic and the 390 has been reborn
November 2000, it's a tight fit for the big 390 in the engine compartment
The heart and soul of Trouble is its 390 4V High-Performance engine.  As can be seen by these pictures, a major portion of the restoration time was spent in the engine bay, with great results.
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